Men Of The Mine Sweepers – Nov 10,1951 – Colliers Magazine

“Men Of The Mine Sweepers Colliers 1951

Charlotte Knight, Colliers War Correspondent, produced a nice article (attached) on AMS operations of COMINDIV Three in Korea during a fall 1951 visit to these minesweepers. These were primarily YMS designs of WWII that were converted to Auxiliary Mine Sweepers, and given ship names. The YMS Series (>425) were only given hull numbers during WWII. Fifty keywords of ship names commanding officers and key personnel are also listed in the complete article.

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  1. jp salisbury says:

    hello ed, good to be back,and i’ll try to think up some stuff.about the 1955 photo of mine div.111, i was gone in 54.i did not recognize any one.cya latter.where the fleet goes.

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