1950 Chinnampo Sweep & 1951 Sin Do Is. Invasion North Korea

I copiled this collection of photographs, posters, and cartoons and put them to music trying to show publishers that Iron Men In Wooden Boats can be enriched with information not normally included in books. The publishers were still not ready in 2006 to include a DVD in any book, because it had been done previously, and the pilferage of disks ruined the value and shelf life of their publications. They also objected to adding cost to the publication.

So, as I research and write, I am still thinking of how to provide these multimedia items that would be outtakes in a normal published book.

I am experimenting with this blog, by posting movies, and many of the backgorund research items that would normally only appear in a bibliography or index, and maybe by the time I finish the book – the answer will be obvious. At the moment, a website organized by chapters, or a DVD Set to complement the book may be in order. But, who knows what technology will spawn in the future.

BTW: The Sin Do Island, North Korea Invasion using COMINRON 3 LCVP’s to deliver Republic of Korea infantry, may be one of the only beach invasions made by minesweeping boats in Korea. The MR3 LCVP’s have their bow ramps welded shut, which made it very difficult for the ROK troops to disembark. It was a good thing that North Korean troops were inland!

Chinnampo & Sin Do Invasion

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One Response to 1950 Chinnampo Sweep & 1951 Sin Do Is. Invasion North Korea

  1. William A. Roberts, CDR, USN RET says:

    Great work with such limited material. Those sure were the days of Iron Men and wooden boats.

    William ‘Bill’ Roberts

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