Mine Division 111 Sasebo, Japan taken February 26, 1955

Seawall @ Jake (Juliet) Basin Sasebo, Japan

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The Sasebo, Japan based mine sweeping boat division began as the COMinRon-3 Boat Division sometime following the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950. In early 1951 it was commissioned as Mine Sweeping Boat Division ONE, still reporting to COMinRon-3, cosisting of two 40′ motor launches and a dozen or more LCVP’s as minesweepers. Conversion to mostly 50′ motor Launches (modified with decks and even cabins, before the end of the war. At the Korean Armistace, the Division was re-named Mine Division 111, reporting to MinRon 11 in Long Beach, CA. In 1958 their 50′ Motor Launch Minesweepers (MLMS) were replaced by newly built 36′ Mine Sweeping Launches (MSL’s) built bt Sagstad Shipyards in Seattle, and powered by Boeing 502-10-C Gas Turbine Engines.

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