Wesley “Dutch” Schultz BMC WWII & Korea

I created this video to honor Wesley “Dutch” Schultz Retired BMC following his death recently. He was a great guy and I regularly interviewed over the years before his death. I visited him in Southern California and he loaned me a lot of photos of his tour in Mine Sweeping Boat Division ONE in Sasebo. Actually, he arrived in 1950 when the boat divison had not formed yet, and it was officially designated COMINRON THREE boat division.

Dutch was a battleship and aircraft carrier sailor in wWII. He was a BM2 and a Boat Captain in 1950 when arriving in Sasebo. Their boats were carried by APD’s, LST’s, LSD’s, and once late in 1950, slung crossways on the stern of an ASR. As you can see on the video, his crewmembers kept track of the Russian mines they swept in Korea. MSB ONE and COMINRON THREE AMC’s maintained an 800 day seige of Wonsan North Korea throughout the entire war.

Dutch Schultz-Minesweeper Sailor


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