Donaldson & Hushion Die at MokPo, Korea April 1952

Mine Sweeping Boat Division ONE was sweeping for moored mines at MokPo, Korea in April 1952. As they swept across the mouth of the MokPo River their gear was caught in the sand, and the strong current flowing from the river swamped their LCVP 36′ minesweeper. The current sunk their boat stern first as it was “anchored” by the Oropesa minesweeping gear it was towing. As rescuers watched, the boat went down by the stern, and the bow was pointing skyward. All crew members of MSB-3 were thrown into the icy water as nearby MSB One minesweepers rushed to the rescue. MSB-19 Boat Captain Lewis Yore BM2 rescued two crewmembers alive, and unfortunately could not recover the remaining two more before they either drowned, or died of hypothermia. FN Creighton Franklin “Red” Donaldson, and BM3 William Christian “Duffy” Hushion are shown here in better times, and in the Treasure Chest Bar in Sasebo, Japan during Christmas 1951. This video slideshow was my first of many attempts to memorailize individuals about which I was writing. Red shown in an earlier minesweeping mission holding an explosive cutter used to cut moored mine cables, and Duffy was shown next to a captured Russian MKB mine at their Sasebo HQ.

Hushion-Donaldson Korea

The sign at the beginning was their HQ Building at Jake Basin in Sasebo, Japan and the colorful North Korean Propaganda Poster was from the era early in the war. The mine explosion destroying a South Korean YMS (a 140′ WWII YMS) occured during the start of the 900 Day USN Seige of Wonsan Harbor in North Korea. The ship was of course obliterated by 900 lbs of TNT, and the USS Redhead a similar YMS/AMS was between the South Korean ship and the camera on 10-18-1950.

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3 Responses to Donaldson & Hushion Die at MokPo, Korea April 1952

  1. Billy O. Brown says:

    I was with MSB 1 from Nov 1951 – Oct 1952. Then with Swallow, AMS 36, and then on Impeccable, AM 320 for return to Long Beach in April 1953. MSB work was cold, bitter, and dark. But at day end or night end as the case may have been, there was completion of that little portion. Night time sweeps with the discovery of a mine tangled in the gear we were retrieving in the dark. Waiting as the Sarsi, ATF, was salvaged in 1952 at night. I was a “snipe”, Engineman striker, entire enlistment on sweepers. Discharged from the Bunting in March 1955. We could rebuild the 71 series diesels on the well deck floor in six hours! BBrown 1/15/2013.

  2. Dale McKinnon says:

    I have a picture of the Iowa taken from Cabildo in April 1952. The caption says Cabildo was hit April 2 ,1952. Does anyone have info about this?

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