Iron Men In Wooden Boats the “History of Small Boat Minesweeping” was something I wanted to document for posterity, so that my shipmates would not be relegated to the “dustbin of history”. In planning my book I have not found publishers willing to publish a book to accommodate the wide range of media that my research had uncovered, so as I accumulate and create multimedia presentations, I will offer samples on this blog, in no particular order, to stimulate interest in my book, and hopefully additional content contributions – that document the History of Small Boat Minesweeping”.

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Edward Sinclair

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  1. Tom Diaz says:

    I was in Nha Be from november 1967 until june 1969 lost my msb-22 to a mortar attack during tet in feb 1968. was on msb-32 took alot of damage and had to go to the saigon shipyard for work, had to help the army MP’s fight to get the embassy back during the tet 1969 attack.

  2. David Land says:

    I had a friend that was once a part of the small boat minesweeping operation off Korea. The tales he told, as matter of fact, were tales of bravery and heroism. Your account has refreshed his stories in my mind and I thank you for your devotion to the task of adding this small fleet to our history.
    Is there any where I can access the personnel records outside of “”? His name was/is Frank Stodgel or Stogel perhaps. I have no idea what ship or unit he was assigned to, nor do I have any contact for him.


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