MSL Video 1959

MSL Video 1959

View MSL video here produced by the USN in 1959. this is one of a series of four videos produced by the Navy covering 36′ Mine Sweeping Launches for assault minesweeping in Rivers, 57′ Mine Sweeping Boats as Harbor and Channel Minesweepers, 145′ Mine Sweeper Coastal, and 172′ Mine Sweeper Ocean. These are all wooden hulled vessels specifically designed from experiences in the Korean War losing steel-hulled minesweepers to Russian magnetic mines.

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2 Responses to MSL Video 1959

  1. Dave Elmore says:

    Thanks Ed ,it brought back some memories,take care and let me know if Tim can be of help.

  2. James R. Morgan says:

    It was good to see this information. As an EM2, I served on MS0 355 from 1961 and 1962. I re-enlisted in 1962 and went to Mine Warfare school in Charleston SC. From there, I went to Mine Division 33 in Sasebo, Japan for the next two years. I enjoyed serving on this ship and the launch very much and got to see a large part of the far east. We were part of the gun boat patrols in Viet Nam during the early years there.

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